Onrizal Onrizal, Cecep Kusmana
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Mangroves is an essential natural resources and vital component tor coastal areas both ecology and socio-economic.Adapted mangrove vegetation on tsunami disaster is important information for mangrove rehabilitation post-tsunami.The aim of the research was to determine the structure and species richness of mangrove vegetation post-tsunami in Aceh and Nias Island by vegetation analyses and inventory methods, field survey was carried out in March 2005 - three months after tsunami disaster.We found 20 adapted mangrove species post-tsunami in Nias island, dominated by Rhizophora apiculata. Land system of KJP was compound of 17 adapted mangrove species, and land system of PTG and KHY were each compound of 7 adapted mangrove species, Based on our research, we recommended that R. apiculaw is the first priority species to be used for mangrove rehabilitation in Nias island.


Mangrove, pasca-tsunanii. slruktiu clan kekayaan jenis. adaptasi. rehabilitasi. Pulau Nias

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