Yuyu S Poerba, Aryani Leksonowati, Diyah Martanti
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Amorphophallus muelleri Blume (Araceae) is one of 27 Amorphophallus species occur wild in Indonesia (Sumatera, Java, Flores
and Timor). The species is valued for its glucoman content for use in food industry (heathy diet food), paper industry, pharmacy
and cosmetics. The cultivation of A. muelleri is hampered by limited genetic quality of seed. The species is triploid (2n=3x=39),
the seed is developed apomictically. and pollen production is low. The species is only propagated vegetatively. This may explain
that the species is difficult to breed conventionally and genetic variabillity in the exiting landaraces cultivars is rather limited.
Induced mutation using ethyl methan sulfonate is one of techniques to increase genetic variation. The present research is aimed to
determine Lethal Dosage (LD) 50% and 75% of EMS and to study effects of EMS on growth of A, muelleri in vitro cultures for use
in induced mutation program. Results of the experiment showed that LD-50 and LD-75 was observed at 0.875% EMS and 0.5%
EMS. respectively. Number of shoot, and percentage of rooting culture were decreasing as EMS level concentration increases.


Amorphophallus muelleri, induksi mutasi. kultur jaringan, EMS

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