Phenetic Analysis of Gossypium Species (Malvaceae) from Indonesia

Lina Susanti Juswara
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This research was aimed to revise the species of Gossypium in Indonesia with statistical analysis of morphological
characteristics. Three species of Gossypium were recognized based on phenetic analyses (cluster analysis-UPGMA
and ordination-Principle Component Analysis) using 20 morphological characters and 18 samples of Gossypium
arboreum, G. barbadense, and G. hirsutum. Based on these analyses, two varieties were differentiated under G. arboreum
(var. arboreum and var. acuminatum). The data set used for the analysis was robust in separating the samples
used in the analysis into discrete groups and cluster analysis-UPGMA and ordination-PCA were powerful tools for
the allocation of those samples into identifiable groups.
Keywords: Phenetic analysis, Gossypium, Principal Component Analysis, UPGMA

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