Biotransformasi 2E-6E-Farnesol oleh Jamur Endofit Botryosphaeria sp. CA2C-3 yang Diisolasi dari Temu Hitam (Curcuma aeruginosa ROXB.)

Andria Agusta
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The objective of study was to investigate the microbial transformation reaction of 2E-6E-farnesol by the endophytic
fungi isolated from temu hitam (Curcuma aeruginosa ROXB. The transformation was carried out in PDB with (2E-
6E-farnesol), incubated at room temperature (25-32o C) under shaking condition at 120 rpm for two days produced
a major biotransformed product. Structure elucidation based on 1D- and 13C-NMR analysis showed that the biotransformed
product was 10,11-dihydroxi-2E-6E-farnesol. It It was verified that biotransformation reaction of 2E-6E
-farnesol into 10,11-dihydroxi-2E-6E-farnesol through an intermediate 10,11-epoxi-2E-6E-farnesol.
Keywords: Temu hitam; Curcuma aeruginosa; endophytic fungi; biotransformation; 2E,6E-farnesol; 10,11-dihydroxi
-2E,6E-farnesol; 10,11-epoxi-2E-6E-farnesol.

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