Fenotipe Virus Avian Influenza (AI) Subtipe H5N1 Berbeda Karakter Genetik di Indonesia

NLP Indi Dharmayanti, Risa Indriani, Risza Hartawan, Atik Ratnawati
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In Indonesia, data on the phenotype of AI virus subtype H5N1 is very limited, due to the facilities for such testing
should be performed in a laboratory Biosafety level III. Additionally influenza virus has a high error rate during
transcription of their genome has low RNA polymerase. High error rates generate quasispecies. In this study, we
did some H5N1 viruses infection with different genetic variations and conducted DNA sequencing in several
organs. To determine the possible emergence detection of quasispecies in different organs and until the virus was
excreted. We tested the hypothesis that the quasispecies might arise from virus that was infected to the
experimental animals. The results of this study showed that the AI virus subtype H5N1 had different phenotypes in
animal depending on their genetic character. AI virus subtype H5N1 killed chickens within 48-72 hours
depending on the genetic character of the virus. New AI viruses of subtype H5N1 caused more severe organ
damage severe than the character of the old AI viruses. Adaptation of virus in each organ also proved that the virus
likely create variations/quasispecies, which was different from the viral origin.
Keywords: Phenotypes, avian influenza, H5N1, genetic character, quasispecies

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