Eksplorasi Keanekaragaman Aktinomisetes Tanah Ternate Sebagai Sumber Antibiotik

Arif Nurkanto, Febrianti Listyaningsih, Heddy Julistiono, Andria Agusta
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Exploration of Soil Actinomycetes Diversity from Ternate as Indigenous Antibiotic Sources.
Actinomycetes of soil samples from Ternate, North Moluccas were isolated using SDS-YE
method in humic acid vitamin agar. Ternate has high abundance of Actinomycetes, approximately
6.00 – 487 x 104 CFU/ g soil, depends on habitat types. We have selected 60 isolates and
conducted antibiotic screening against pathogenic bacteria and fungi using agar diffusion
method and found both narrow and broad antibiotic spectrum types . Based on 16S rDNA
analysis, all Actinomycetes with antibiotic activities are belong to the genus Streptomyces. .
Minimum Inhibitor Concentration (MIC) value was determined by broth microdilution method.
It was found that MIC values varied, depended on microbial tested. We found two isolates
with higher antibiotic activity compared to the commercial antibiotics (chloramphenicol,
erythromycin for antibacterial and nystatin, kabicidin for antifungal). Cell destruction analysis
caused antibiotic activities was conducted through leak of protein and nuclatic acid.
Key words : Actinomycetes, soil, Ternate, antibiotic, cell distruction

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