Kelimpahan dan Diversitas Aktinomisetes Tanah Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai Jawa Barat

Arif Nurkanto
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The Abundance and Diversity of Soil Actinomycetes from Ciremai National Park West Java.
Actinomycetes of soil samples from Mount Ciremai National Park, West Java were been isolated
by Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Yeast Extract (SDS YE) method in Humic Acid Vitamin Agar
(HVA) medium. The colonies of actinomycetes were counted based on Total Plate Count
(TPC). Diversity of actinomycetes were identified based on spore, chain spore, pigmentation,
hypha and aerial hypha formation. The abundance of actinomycetes were 3,50 x104 – 71,50 x104
CFU/g soil. Seven genus of actinomycetes were found, they were Streptomyces, Nocardia,
Micromonospora, Microbiospora, Actinomadura, Actinoplanes, and Microtetraspora. Most
of them were distributed in 900 until 2500 m height above sea level. Streptomyces only known
in 2700, 2900 and 3057 m above sea level. Population of Streptomyces were predominant in all
soil types according to height, but were highest in 2500 m asl.
Key words: Actinomycetes, fungi, Mount Ciremai, diversity, abundance.

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