Aspek Ekologi Ikan Kancera (Tor soro) Kuningan dan Pematangan Gonad Melalui Implantasi Hormon Gonadotropin (HCG)

Jojo Subagja, M. Sulhi, Sidi Asih, Haryono Haryono
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Ecological Aspect and Gonadal Maturation of Tor soro by HCG peletted Implantation. The
experiment was conducted to determine optimal dosage of Gnrh-a hormon at gonadal maturation
of mahseer from Kuningan (Tor soro). The fish was reared in concrete tanks (60m2). The
hormon was used for implantation is HCG (pregnyl). The different dosage of hormon are 250
Iu/Kg-1 ; 500 Iu/Kg-1 ; 750 Iu/Kg-1 . The result of this reaserch showed that egg development is
Mei-Juni (average of egg diameter is 1,4 mm) and Januari (average of egg diameter is 1,35 mm),
Other month, the egg diameter was not develop or atresia. Treatment with 500 Iu/Kg-1 dossage
showed the best effect on oosit diameter was at 21 day and 63 day from first oosit diameter of
0,9 mm to 1,4 mm.
Keywords: Seasonal changes, gonadal maturation, implantation, kancera (Tor soro)

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