Tingkah Laku Melahirkan dan Estrus Tikus Lesoqlati Sulawesi Maxomys hellwandii (Jentink, 1879)

Indyah Wahyuni
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Parturition Behavior and Estrus of Sulawesi spiny rat Maxomys hellwandii (Jentink, 1879).
This research is aimed to study the parturition behavior of wild Sulawesi spiny rat involving
observations of pre-parturition, parturition and post- parturition behaviors. In this study, 15
female white tail rats at the ages of 60 days old were used to evaluate their estrus. Animals were
maintained in cages made of glass at size of 1m x1mx1.5m. The covers of cages were made of
ram wire and completed with feeder and drinker. For estrus observation, animal cages were
made of plastic trays of 39 cm x42 cm x15 cm. The phase of estrus cycles observation was done
by collecting sample of vagina smear from the animals. The determination of cycles phase was
based on the cell types that were obtained from preparation vagina smear. The results showed
that about six hours before parturition, the animals were nervous and urinated 4 to 9 times as
they showed agonistic. The parturition process needed 3 to 8 minutes. The deviation times of
suckling progeny were 8-12 seconds. The progeny at the ages of 1 to 5 days old slept against
their mother nipples. For the estrus, the results showed that estrus cycle of wild white tail rats
was ranging from 3 days to 5 days, consisted of pro estrus (12 hours), estrus (12 hours), met
estrus (18 – 12 hours) and di-estrus (45 - 54 hours).
Key Words: Parturition Behavior, Estrus, Maxomys hellwandii.

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