Studi Kelimpahan Aktinomisetes Tanah dan Hubungannya Terhadap Enzim Selulase, Amilase, Total Karbon dan Nitrogen Hutan Pasca Kebakaran Bukit Bangkirai Kalimantan Timur

Arif Nurkanto
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Soil Actinomycetes Population, Enzymes Activity, and its Relation with Carbon and Nitrogen
Content, in Bukit Bangkirai, East Kalimantan. Bukit Bangkirai is one of the tropical forest in
Indonesia have been exposed with intense forest fire. The affected forest is subjectively
divided into three level of damages, heavily damage forest (HD), low damage forest (LD) and
control (K). The objective of this research was to observe the abundance of Actinomycetes
which have important role in ecological process. Through decompotition of organic materials
and nutriens cycle. Actinomycetes were isolated and enumerated by SDS-YE method. CFU/ g
soil (x 104) in K, HD and LD are 41,86 ± 25,52, 16,09 ± 5,70 and 18,96 ± 4,19 respectively. Amylase
and cellulase were determined by DNS method. Carbon and Nitrogen total were determinated
by CN analyzer. The different of amylase, cellulase activities and abundace of Actinomycetes
between HD, LD, and Control plot were not significant. However, carbon and nitrogen total
are different. LD plot has the highest carbon and nitrogen total, followed by control and HD
plot. There has no significant different among plot observed may indicate microbial communities
of soil in Bukit Bangkirai have been recovered.
Key words : actinomycetes, fire forest, amylase, cellulase, nitrogen total, carbon total

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