Distribusi Spasial dan Temporal Ikan Bonti-bonti (Paratherina striata Aurich), Endemik di Danau Towuti-Sulawesi Selatan

Syahroma Husni Nasution
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Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Bonti-bonti (Paratherina striata) an Endemic
Fish in Towuti Lake, South Sulawesi. Bonti-bonti (Paratherina striata) is an endemic
fish species in Towuti and Mahalona Lake. This fish included into vulnerable species. It
should be protected from decreasing of fish population due to increasing exploitation
and habitat quality changes. The objective of this research to study on spatial and temporal
distribution of the fish, as a basic information for its conservation. Samples were collected
from May 2006 to April 2007 using experimental gillnet mesh size 0.625, 0.75, 1.0, and
1.25 inches at five stations. Fish number and size captured during 15 hours. Water
quality parameters that analyzed were temperature, conductivity, pH, and dissolved
oxygen using water quality checker-Horiba, alkalinity used titration methode, while
water level and rain fall obtained from PT. Inco. Distribution of fish abundance was
analyzed with Mann-Whitney non-parametric test. Water quality parameters that
influencing fish abundance were analyzed by multivariate analysis. The results show that
the distribution of bonti-bonti spreading widely starting from lakeside to middle of the
lake. The highest abundance of the fish are in inlet with sand, gravel, and stone substrat.
Fish size was obtained more various at the inlet station than other stasions and it predicted
as main habitat. Water qualitiy parameters of were not factors influencing difference of
spatial distribution but it was influenced by behavior of habitat selection. The highest
temporal distribution of the fish abundance in November and December influenced by
dissolved oxygen and high water level.
Key words : Spatial and temporal distribution, Paratherina striata, endemic fish, abundance,
Towuti Lake

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