Analisa Vegetasi Hutan Pegunungan di Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai, Majalengka, Jawa Barat

Purwaningsih Purwaningsih, Razali Yusuf
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The Mountain Rain Forest Vegetation Analysis in Ciremai Mountain National
Park, Majalengka, West Jawa. Vegetation study on some different altitude in Ciremai
Mountain National Park has been carried out with a quadrat methode. Ten plots were set
up in altitude at 1600– 2050 m. The results of a floristic inventory of 1.2 hectare sampled
plot show that there were 57 species of 42 genera in 28 families, represented by 1069
individuals. The two leading families in terms of number of species were Euphorbiaceae
and Fagaceae while according to the most prominent species were Engelhardia spicata
(Juglandaceae). There are differences of both zonation and altitudinal forest disturbance.
The zone of 1600–1700 m asl. dominated by secondary species such as Saurauia nudiflora,
Glochidion arborescens, Glochidion rubrum, Ficus fistulosa, Vernonia arborea and
Villebrunea rubescens. In altitude of >1900 m asl. dominated by primary species such as
Macropanax dispermum, Astronia spectabilis, Turpinia spaerocarpa, Elaeocarpus oxypyren
and Syzygium laxiflorum. The forest structure could be seen by diameter and height
stem classes distribution. Although the most of trees are small in size, but there have
been still some largest trees were Engelhardia spicata, Turpinia sphaerocarpa and Astronia
Key words: West Java, Ciremai Mountain National Park, forest zonation, structure and species


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