Distribusi Kambing Hutan Sumatera[CapricornrS sumatraensis sumatraensis (Bechstein, 1799)] di Sipurak, Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat, Sumatera

Neneng Susanti, Ani Mardiastuti, Noviar Andayani
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Sumatran Serow Capricornis sumatraensis sumatraensis (Bechstein, 1799))
Distribution at Sipurak-Kerinci Seblat National Park. Sumatran serow [Capricornis
sumatraensis sumatraensis (Bechstein, 1799)J is one of endangered species in Kerinci
Seblat National Park (KSNP). Few data are available about Sumatran serow in KSNP.
The research was designed to analize the distribution of Sumatran serow in Sipurak.
Fieldstudy was conducted from September 2005 to February 2006 in Sipurak, KSNP.
The detection-non detection survey method was applied for observation. There were 44
cells sampling,' the number of cells determined by purposive sampling base on habitat
types and accessibility to reach the location of cell (easy or hard). The data were analyzed
by Arcview 3.2 PC. The sumatran serow just indirectly detected. Sign of its existence
mainly detected at ramp. Distribution of sumatran serow mainly was invented on the low
land forest type (8 1,82%) which are characterized by caves, rock-cliff, and rugged hills.
Key words: Distribution; detection-non detection; sumatran serow; Sipurak

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