Annonaceae dari Wawonii, Sulawesi Tenggara Annonaceae from Wawonii Island, South East Sulawesi

Rugayah Rugayah
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Wawonii Island is one of small islands located in the southeast of Sulawesi, with an area of approximately 6500km2. Exploration activities and inventories have been conducted in the year 2003-2006, more than 900 plantspecies have been identified, including fern and cultivated plants. Annonaceae included one of the families foundin this area. Ten species were listed belongs to 8 genera, namely Anaxagorea (A. cf. luzonensis A. Gray), Annona (A.muricata L., A.squamosa L.), Artabotrys (A. suaveolens (Blume) Blume), Cananga (C.odorata (Lam .) Hook.f.,&Thomson), Monoon (Monoon sp.), Polyalthia (P. celebica Miq.), Pseuduvaria (P. reticulata (Blume) Miq. andUvaria (U. littoralis (Blume) Blume, Uvaria sp.). One species of its Pseuduvaria reticulata as a new record forSulawesi. Identification keys to the genera, and its distribution will be discussed in the paper.Keywords: Annonaceae, Wawonii island, S.E. Sulawesi

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