Efektivitas Asosiasi Inokulan Campuran Bakteri Rhizosfer dengan Tanaman Jagung Varietas Srikandi pads Tanah Latosol Lampung

S. Gandanegara, I. Sugoro, S. Slamet
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The Effectiveness of Rhizospheric Bacteria Mix Inoculant Associated with Maize
in Latosol Lampuog Soil. Two greenhouse experiments were carried out to evaluate the
effectiveness of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) ino-culants on plant growth
of maize. In the first experiments, eleven single isolates were screened for association
effectiveness with maize. Inoculation improved plant perfomance by increasing roots, shoots
and total plant dry weight. Five isolates with the increase of plant dry weight ranging from 27-
47% over control were then selected for mixed inoculants. In the second experiment, ten
mixed inoculants consisted of 3 single isolates were evaluated on plant growth, N plant yield,
and N derived from fertilizer and contribution from fixation. The later parameter was.
determined by "N method. Three mixed inoculants namely M5, M8, and M9 showed higher
effectiveness with the increase of plant weight 27-29% over control. Plant N yield of plants
inoculated with those mixed inoculants were 176-194 mg N/pot as compared to 144 mg Nlpot
in control plants. Lower '%eIx cess atom % in inoculated plants indicated some N
contribution from fixation which ranged from 1 5 -2 1 %.
Key words : mixed inoculants, '% method, maize, latosol

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