Karakteristik Fisiologis Enzim Nitril Hidratase dan Amidase dalam Sel Corynebacteriurn sp. D5

Nunik Sulistinah, Joseva Sudiati Kaban, Bambang Sunarko
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Physiological Characteristics of Nitrile-Hydratase and Amidase From Corynebacterium
sp. D5. Nitrile hydratase (NH-ase) of Corynebacterium sp. D5 is inductive enzyme, but
amidase is constitutive enzyme.The best inducer for Nitril hydratase is 2% (vlv) acetonitrille.
Nitril hydratase and amidase enzymes showed to be capable of degrading low molecule
weight of aliphatic nitriles and amides. The optimum condition of NH-ase of
Corynebacteriurn sp. D5 were found out at pH 6,6 and 30°C while amidase at pH 7,2 & 50' C
respectively. The inhibitor of both enzymes seemed to be ~ ga'nd H~*'
Key words : Nitrile hydratase, bioconversion, Corynebacterium sp. D5, amidase, acetonitrile,
aliphatic nitrile

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