Ragam Aktivitas Urease dan Fosfomonoesterase serta Perannya dalam Ketersediaan Nutrisi N dan P pada Tanah Kebun Biologi Wamena

Maman Rahmansyah, H.J.D. Latupapua, I Made Sudiana
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Discrepancy of urease and phosphomonoesterase activities and its role in establishing N
and P nutrition in soil collected from Wamena Biological Research Station. Microbial
activities in soil lead to know for establishing soil nutrient status. Accordingly, soil collected
from Biological Research Station in Wamena then sent to the laboratory and determined on its
enzymatic activities and the physicochemical, as well. In this work, the enzymatic activities of
urease and phosphomonoesterase were examined in relation with soil microbial respiration, in
order to understand the mineralization of nitrogenous and phosphorus compound in soil. Soil
respiration rate (2.43-3.21 mg C02 g-'dm12hour) designated variation in each sample, as well
as urease (8.6-23.5 unit/g soil) and phosphomonoesterase (5.5-7.9 unit/g soil) activities.
Phosphomonoesterase activity showed strong correlation with respiration rate within soil; and
reveal to the configuration of the bioactivities and physicochemical soil figures concluded that
the B sample has the poor fertility. The phenomenon of data fulfill that bioactivities had
correlation with the physicochemical compound in the soil.
Keywords: respiration, urease, phosphomonoesterase, Wamena Biological Research Station.

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