Tingkat Kesamaan Tanaman Nilam Hasil Fusi Protoplas Berdasarkan Morfologi dan Anatomi Daun

Wawan Haryudin, Cheppy Syukur, Yang Nuryani
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Similarity Level of Patchouli oil from Protoplast Fusion based on Morphology and
Anatomy Leaves. Protoplast fusion between Aceh patchouli (Pogostenton cablin Benth)
Tapak Tuan 75 clone and java patchouli (Pogostemon heyneanus Benth) Girilaya clone gone
genotypes variation. The aim of this experiment was to examine the similarities of
morphology and anatomy of leaves. The experiment was inducted at laboratory and green
house of the Indonesian Spice and Medicinal Crops Research Institute from February to July
2001. The parameters observed were the number of leaves length, leaves width and leaf
thickness, the number of oil cell, stomata and trachoma index. Analysis cluster was used to
analysis the data with single linkage method and Euclidean distance concept. The result
showed that the leaves length, width, and thickness have close similarity with Tapak Tuan 75.
The similarity level of genotype from protoplast fusion was 62.68 to 83.27, the parent Tapak
Tuan 75 was 61.53 and the parent Girilaya 58.69. The highest numbers of oil cell was showed
by clone 9 I1 4 (10.55) and the lowest was clone ( IV 14 (2.93).
Key words: Pogostemon sp., similarity, protoplast fusion, morphology, anatomy, leaves.

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