Uji Daya Hasil Lanjutan Dua Puluh Tujuh Galur Padi Code-qTSN4 dan Code-qDTH8

Tasliah ,, Ma'sumah ,, Joko Prasetiyono
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The locus that regulates total spikelet number (qTSN4) and days to heading (qDTH8) is expected to increase rice yields. Both
of these loci are used to increase the yield of Code varieties through the marker-assisted backcrossing method. This
study aimed to evaluate the yield of Code-qTSN4 and Code-qDTH8 lines at two location and to analyze
existence of target gene locus associated with qTSN4, qDTH8, and Xa7. This research was conducted in March
to July 2017. The study was divided into two parts: (i) field analyses at the Kuningan field station (uplandirrigated)
and Sukamandi field station (lowland-irrigated), and (ii) molecular tests at the Molecular Biology
Laboratory, ICABIOGRAD, Bogor. The material used were 27 crossing lines of Code-qTSN4 and Code-qDTH8
(BC1, BC2, BC3), 5 comparative varieties, and molecular markers that were linked to the loci of genes of qTSN4, qDTH8, and
Xa7. The results showed different altitude positions affected the agronomic performance of the lines. At
Kuningan location, Code-qTSN4 and Code-qDTH8 lines showed number of grain total (empty and filled) per
panicle was 110.84−165.98 grains, while Code 153.51 grains. While at Sukamandi, the number of grains per
panicle obtained by the lines was higher, that is 157.27-227.9 grains and 186.56 grains for Code. The highest
number of total grains was achieved by line B6-2 (Code-qTSN4) (8.12%) for Kuningan, while at Sukamandi
the highest was in line B22-1 (Code-qTSN4) (22.16%). The effect of the qTSN4 gene locus has been shown to
increase the number of grains per panicle. The heading date of Code-qDTH8 lines at two locations was 4−6
days faster than Code. The yield potencial of lines at Kuningan and Sukamandi were 4.43−6.88 t/ha and 3.71−5.89 t / ha,
while for Code 6.24 t/ha and 4.83 t/ha, respectively. The highest potential yield of Code-qTSN4 lines was B6-2 with an
increase of 20.5%, while Code-qDTH8 lines was obtained on E13-1 with an increase 10.26%. Based on
molecular analysis, all test lines already have the qTSN4 or qDTH8 gene locus, and all test lines also have the
Xa7 gene locus.
Keywords: Rice, Code, qTSN4, qDTH8, Xa7, yield trial

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